Will moreno
Federal Agent Will Moreno cut his teeth working the streets of San Francisco with the SFPD. His stellar work caught the eye of the FBI and two years ago he took a position in the FBI's New York field office. Under the supervision of Deputy Chief Donald Chang, Will leads the federal investigation into Bowers Pharmaceuticals, an industry giant constantly under SEC investigation and involved in corporate scandal. Taking down a billion-dollar pharmaceutical empire may seem like an impossible task, but Will Moreno just may be the federal agent to do it.

Will recruits his former SFPD partner (and lover) Joanna Padget to go undercover with the Bowers family and investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding Vivian Bowers' death. Will sees an opportunity in Joanna's rich history with the Bowers (as the household manager's daughter and Vivian's former best friend) to infiltrate the powerful Bowers clan. He's put the woman he loves in harm's way and unknowingly into the arms of her former lover, Julian Bowers. Can Will uncover the truth about Vivian's murder?