Joanna locasto

Joanna Locasto grew up with the wealthy, glamorous Bowers family as the daughter of the household manager, she once dreamed of being part of their elite inner circle. But after leaving the Bowers estate as a teenager, she reinvented herself as a detective with the San Francisco Police Department. Now, when her childhood best friend Vivian Bowers is found dead under mysterious circumstances, the New York Police Department and the FBI enlist Joanna's help to find the killer. Convinced the notoriously secretive Bowers family knows more about Vivian's death than they're letting on, Joanna reunites with them under false pretenses, going undercover into the opulent lifestyle she thought she'd left behind. As she begins to uncover disturbing clues and shocking family cover-ups, she struggles to resist the charms of her former flame, Julian Bowers, who may be hiding a dangerous secret of his own. At the same time, her relationship heats up with her handsome FBI handler, Will Moreno - her only connection to the outside world. As the mystery into Vivian's death deepens, Joanna soon realizes her own life may be in jeopardy, too. Will she be able to uncover the truth before it's too late?